Marginal Inquiry is owned and moderated by Justin Harbour. Mr Harbour is the Advanced Placement (AP) Economics and World History II instructor at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, PA. ¬†Mr Harbour has been teaching these subjects for 10 years, in Boston and Philadelphia, PA. Mr Harbour’s training in these subjects came during his time as a student at Commonwealth College at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (History and Political Science) and Harvard University (Political Economy). When at Harvard, Mr Harbour was a founding member of Harvard University’s Harvard and Slavery: Seeking a Forgotten History project, a project whose impacts continue to manifest and evolve to this day. Mr Harbour also writes book reviews for Teacher’s College Record of Columbia University and has been published in the World History Bulletin and CLIO: The Newsletter of Politics and History by the American¬†Political Science Association. Mr Harbour lives with his family in Wyndmoor, PA.

Marginal Inquiry is primarily a space devoted to topics on economics, political economy, teaching in the social sciences (esp. with regard to Harkness teaching and issues regarding education and social justice), and the ways in which current issues or events under these umbrellas intersect. More often than not, this will be space where I can practice the type of writing I expect of my students to maintain an acute awareness of what I am asking a student to develop, and what may be reasonably expected of them. Marginal Inquiry will also be a space where I can continue a conversation begun in class on topics usually within these categories but not completed satisfactorily. Marginal Inquiry will also allow me to test and develop ideas I am currently considering. I do not expect anyone to read save for the occasional interested student. None the less, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute in some space that is not totally private.