Good Reading Can Be Found At…

Since I cannot comment on the many things I read, but these many are still worth reading and reflecting on, I have provided some links below;

  1. For more budget talk see here, here, here, and here – the first three are from the NY Times, which I have access to with a subscription. The last is from Bloomberg View, a site that is free. There are many stories on this topic from many sources. Whatever you choose, be sure it reliable (Breitbart is NOT reliable, most major newspapers are).
  2. For an interesting take on the Irish economy, see here – as an Irishmen (in part), I find monitoring political and economic developments in Eire interesting and illuminating. Partly because of Eire’s fraught history with imperial Britain and the problems that relationship continues to cause, its emphatic embrace of Catholicism as a pillar to its governing ethics in the face of rapid secularization, the maintenance of its culture amongst its diaspora, and its influence on the history and development of the “human rights” and “nation-state” concept. IN full disclosure, the Tanaiste (pr. TA-NU- SHTU, sort of like America’s Vice President) under Enda Kenney is my wife’s cousin – Eamon Gilmore. Given that his role was to specifically attract Capital to Eire, and solidify its trading relationship with markets in and beyond the EU, I think he deserves more credit than he is given in this article – which is none.
  3. Don’t forget about Sessions.
  4. When economic nerds can’t get along.
  5. And, in Philly: we are not growing as fast as others, but faster than some.

Stay woke,


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